Hello and welcome

Hi, and welcome to my blog I guess! My name is Judy, and while this is my first ever blog, I’ve been writing about food for many years (and obsessed with food and cooking for even longer).

My love of food began more than 40 years ago when, as a young girl, I would delight in helping both my mother and my maternal grandmother in the kitchen. It didn’t really matter what we were cooking, but my favorite was always baking. There’s something magicla about baking, taking those ingredients in just the right quantities, placing them carefully in the oeven and waiting the alloted time, and seeing them transform into a beautiful cake or loaf. Even today, I still marvel that a bowl of flour, suger, egg and butter can transform into a wonderful sponge through the magic of baking!

My love of food stayed with me through my teens, and through catering college. Rather than going into catering as a career however, I was offered a position at a local newspaper which I took. That led to me writing as a food journalist for almost 8 years, before I finally decided I wanted to me more “hands on”. With the help of friends and family, I started a small events catering business with my lifelong friend Sue. Between us we toiled, and slowly built up a small but successful business catering for weddings and other events.

More recently, I’ve gone back to my writing and began compiling recipe books, based on the thousands of recipes I’ve collected and devised over the years. My nephew helped me get started, turning my collections into little books which he listed on Amazon for me and the feedback I’ve had for them is wonderful and very encouraging. Thank you Steven, without your help I’m sure I’d naver have managed to get the books online, and it was Steven who also told me I had to start a blog, so here I am.

I plan to share some of my thoughts, ideas and recipes here in the hope it will help other people discover the magic of cooking.

Your friend,


PS you can see my currently available recipe books at : Judith Stone Recipe Books


One thought on “Hello and welcome

  1. I have really gotten into ‘tea’ (maybe it’s my new granddaughter!) A book on small sandwiches, tiny sweets, little bites would be great!

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