Wow! (and thank you)

Well what a lovely surprise. My experiment to try giving one of my recipe collections away for free for 24 hours was a huge success.

In fact, it was free for 48 hours (due to my own lack of computer skills and incorrectly setting the promotion details on Amazon) but the results were amazing with over 3000 people downloading the book! I can’t believe my work is valued by so many people. At one point, it was ranked #137 out of all the free titles on the entire Kindle store – that’s the sort of exposure I never expected.

Anyway, thanks to everyone do did download the book, I really hope you like it and you try some of the recipes. Special thanks to the 2 people who also left a review, I really appreciate that!

If anyone else who downloaded a copy would also like to spare a few moments and leave a review to let other people know what you think that would be fantastic. Literally just one or two sentences is all it takes, just click here and click the “Add my own review” button – I’d really, really appreciate it!

Also, thanks to Susan from Arkansas who emailed to ask about discounts for buying multiple books. I think that’s a fantastic idea and I’m looking into it… check back soon for details!


2 thoughts on “Wow! (and thank you)

  1. I downloaded the cookie book and my son and husband so far love the recipe for Bobbie’s favorite and iced pumpkin. I plan to try other recipes. 5hank you.

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