Bake Like A Pro vol 1 – Save $$$

Wow, it’s been a long day! After the suggestion earlier in the week about making other books available at a reduced price to existing customers I’ve been frantically working on getting this edited and live, and can now announce that Bake Like A Pro – Volume 1 is now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle!

The book is a compilation of 5 of my other baking recipe books, but at a reduced price giving a saving of 40% over buying them individually.

The titles included in this compilation are:

Cupcake Recipes – How to bake cup cakes and fairy cakes like a pro
Muffin Recipes – How to bake muffins like a pro
Cookie Recipes – How to make cookies like a pro
The Cheesecake Recipe Book – Cheesecake recipes to amaze your guests!
Brilliant Banana Bread & 25 Other Fantastic Banana Cake Recipes

I’d love your feedback on this idea. If you like it, I’ll consider continuing with a second volume at a later date. So what do you think? Is 5 books for the price of 3 a good deal? Or do you have a better idea for offering a bonus/discount to loyal customers – I’m very open to suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Bake Like A Pro vol 1 – Save $$$

  1. Judith, I think this is a great idea. I love cook books & have a large collection. Since getting my Kindle, I have aquired over 50 Cookbooks on my Kindle alone. Just last night I purchased your “Cook Like A Pro. Vol. 1”. I really appreciate the idea of buying 5 books for the price of 3 – I love a bargain! I do have a couple of questions about one of the muffin recipes though. It’s the “Honey Bran Muffins”. First, how many does this recipe make, second, what kind of bran cereal does it call for (flake or otherwise)? Those are my questions. I am really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes. I have 3 grandchildren & I saw quite a few that I thought they might like. Thanks so much.

    Lynn Kavanagh
    Lansing, MI

    PS are you on Face Book?

    • Hi Lynn

      Thanks so much for your kind comments, I’m glad you’re enjoying my work.

      To answer your last question first, no I’m not on Facebook but my nephew keeps telling me I should be so I guess I’ll have to “bit the bullet” soon and learn yet another new thing! I will post the link here on the blog when I manage to figure it out!

      For the muffins – I purposely didn’t put a number since it really depends on the size of your muffin tray. That recipe will generally do about 18 – 20 muffins though, or around 12 if you have a “jumbo” tray. The bran cereal I tend to use is plain oat bran. It’s just sold as “Oat Bran” here in the UK in both health food shops and supermarkets, and is a flaked bran which gives the muffins a really great texture.

      Hope that helps, and hope you continue to enjoy the recipes


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