Get a FREE COPY of Bake Like A Pro Volume 2

The second volume in my “Bake Like A Pro” compilation series is due to launch tomorrow, and I’m giving you the chance you get your hands on a copy absolutely free!

This second volume contains collections of recipes for scones, buns, chocolate cakes, carrot cake and pancakes, and it includes my best selling “Super Scones Recipes” which shot to the top of the best seller lists earlier in the year.

So what do you need to do to grab a free copy? Simple – I want to know what recipes my readers would like me to include in my next book. Just leave a comment below this post, either for a theme for a book (i.e. “Chocolate Desserts” or “Simple Appetizers”) or for a specific recipe. Everyone that gives a suggestion will receive a free complimentary copy of Bake Like A Pro Volume 2, and the best suggestions may find their way into future books!

2 ways to win

Can’t think of any suggestions? No problem, just share this page by Twitter or Facebook and you’ll also get a copy of the book! (just be sure to let me know where you shared it and i’ll contact you to send the books out)

This offer ends at midnight on Sunday, so get your thinking caps on, or get sharing to grab these freebies!

Disclaimer – Free books will be sent out as Amazon Kindle “gifts” so you’ll need to let me know your email address that you use with Amazon. I will not share that email address with anyone, and it will ONLY be used for the purposes of sending the freebies. If you also want to receive my free email newsletter, you will have to sign up for that separately HERE.


10 thoughts on “Get a FREE COPY of Bake Like A Pro Volume 2

  1. A souffle book would be really good, I’ve tried several times and never get them right. Also, I have your cupcakes book which is great but I’d like more so maybe another cupcakes book with more of the same in?

  2. What about different sauces and seasoning, you know like hollendaise, bechamal, jerk seasoning etc?

    Also tweeted the link by the way, so please hit me up with a free copy 😉

  3. How about brownies? And being English, you must have a good “Yorkshire Pudding” recipe you could maybe share on the blog some time?

    Love your recipes by the way, especially the banana muffins I tried this week – yum!

  4. Oh no, I missed your deadline…. but I still shared in my facebook. I also suggest more recipes for fish and seafood and cocktail/canapes…..

  5. It would be nice to include some “carb friendly” recipes. I have lost 70 lbs doing Adkins, but really struggle with baking something that tastes good with out using a sugar substitute that leaves a bitter aftertaste.

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