About Judy

Growing up in the English countryside in a small village near Ashford, Judy’s love of food started at an early age.  Helping both her mother and grandmother in the kitchen was a big part of her childhood, which started her life long passion (some might say obsession) with cooking and baking!

Judy began entering cooking competitions while in her early teens before going to catering college, and then went on to land herself a job as a food writer for a local newspaper. In her late twenties she started her own catering business, catering for weddings and other events. Throughout this time she developed her knowledge and skills, and her love of food only increased.

Judy’s lifelong passion for cooking, and testing and collecting recipes, led her to begin writing recipe books. Drawing from her early influences of home cooking with her grandmother, her years spent as a food journalist, and her experiences in the catering industry, Judith’s “Cook like a pro” series are short collections of high quality, easy to follow recipes which are sure to bring a smile to your diners faces again and again.

All of Judy’s recipe books are available via Amazon and some are also available at Smashwords for non-Kindle readers.

Here is a full listing of all of Judy’s recipe books with links to preview and buy them.


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