FREE RECIPE BOOK : The Happy Baker

The Happy Baker is a collection of 20 delicious recipes for cakes, scones, muffins, cookies, pancakes and more. Many of these are sample recipes taken from my already published recipe collections, while some are new and unpublished, and the great news is you can download the book for free!

Actually that’s not 100% true, while I’m not asking for any money I am asking you to “pay” for the book with a Tweet or a Facebook post!

That’s right, simply click here or on the button below to “Pay with a tweet” and send a message on Twitter or Facebook to help get the word out about this free book, and you’ll get immediate and automatic access to the download link for the book – does that sound like a fair deal?

Here’s the link, I do hope you enjoy the recipes:


4 thoughts on “FREE RECIPE BOOK : The Happy Baker

    • Hi Linda. The system won’t recognise you adding to Facebook, as per the instructions you need to click the link above and send a message (share) via Facebook, then follow the on screen prompts to download the book.

      Any more problems, let me know and I’ll email it to you directly.


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